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An Emperor Serves His People

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“—if you get knocked down, you don’t have to stay there. You don’t have to keep that egg on your face, you don’t have to stay embarrassed; you can pick yourself up and you can correct any situation.” — Roman Reigns


Despite not having a match of his own on Friday night, Roman Reigns nevertheless made his presence felt. King Corbin’s taunts at the beginning of the night failed to provoke a response, and he accepted it as a given that he’d won. The actual truth was that such petty remarks were not worthy of a response by the Big Dog, and the only thing that moved him to action was when Kofi Kingston was endangered—yet another example of him protecting his yard.

Protecting his yard. Protecting his boys. But who is protecting Roman Reigns? I’ve discussed this before; Roman’s policy of one versus all, his willingness to sacrifice himself to keep the others safe. That’s one thing when he’s facing King Corbin and a couple of lackeys. It’s another one entirely when he’s facing Corbin and his security, Dolph Ziggler, and The Revival. Roman never had a chance.


Where was the locker room?

On Friday night, Kofi told Corbin, “What you did to Roman Reigns was straight up disrespectful, and I did not like it.” Apparently, he wasn’t the only one. Whatever held the locker room back during Roman’s match clearly did not apply once it was over. The brawl began backstage, and by the end of the night literally spilled out into the arena, ending with a massive spear by Roman to Corbin. Maybe they prefer Roman’s yard to Corbin’s kingdom, after all.

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