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​It had been so long, it was hard to believe it would ever happen.

It had been so long, the #RomanEmpire slowly found themselves willing to almost accept anything in order to get the Universal Title on Roman.​ Paul Heyman guy?​ Sure, there could be a story there.​ Heel turn?​ Why not; he doesn’t really need it, but he’d be good at it.​ KO interfering with Strowman’s cash-in?​ There’d be a couple interesting angles to follow.​ Or how about Roman’s Shield brothers running in to save the day, Brooklyn might even like that.

In the end, Reigns needed none of it.​ Strowman proved himself honourable, saying that he knew the history of that briefcase, and that he wouldn’t sneak around behind someone’s back; that he would wait right there and challenge the winner to his face.

Lesnar wasn’t going to wait that long. After a barrage of offence from Reigns and two defeated guillotine holds—a choke that many thought would thwart the spear—Lesnar side-stepped a dive, sending Reigns crashing into Strowman. Lesnar was quick to take advantage, throwing Reigns back into the ring before attacking Strowman with both the briefcase and a steel chair. Once the “Monster in the Bank” was down, Lesnar flung the case clear to the stage, and climbed back into the ring to deal with Reigns, chair in hand. If he connected, the match would end in disqualification. Fortunately by this time, Roman had somewhat regained himself; he saw what Lesnar was about to do, and met him with a devastating spear. Lesnar kicked out, but too late. Roman Reigns had become the new Universal Champion.

Shock gave way to elation as Roman realised, like the rest of us, that he’d finally done it. This isn’t the end of the story, of course. Brock Lesnar hasn’t gone anywhere as yet, and Braun Strowman still has his contract. But as Reigns himself said, “No more part-time, baby!” Whatever happens tonight or in the future, they can’t take this win from Roman, or from us.



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