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“Scare the man? Seriously? You tried to kill him!” — Michael Cole

It must be Michael Cole’s long experience, first as a war journalist and then twenty years of dealing with explosive personalities, that allowed him to speak the truth that many had started to avoid. Almost as if in fear of drawing the then-unknown foe to themselves, interviewers and commentary started referring to the attacks on Roman as attempts to end his career, when the reality is that it was closer to attempted manslaughter. Erick Rowan says it’s not so? Pardon me for not believing him, when he stood in that ring over a fallen Reigns and admitted that he was proud of everything that he’d done to him. Now that the truth is out, he seems to enjoy hurting Roman in front of as many people as possible.


Last night gave him yet another opportunity. Angered by the things Rowan had said in his interview with Cole, Daniel Bryan came out to the ring to speak. While he still acknowledged his old grievances of being falsely accused, he went on to say that this wasn’t his current point. Instead, he talked about the man he’d considered his equal, and more, his friend. If he thought this would give him a sympathetic ear in Rowan, he couldn’t have been more wrong. Rowan shot down everything that Bryan had to say, though he didn’t take Bryan’s offer to fight him. Instead, Luke Harper once again attacked from behind.

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan may not have the friendliest of histories, but Roman has claimed SmackDown for his yard and promised to defend it. While the attack on Bryan most likely wasn’t solely to draw him out, Rowan had to know it would. Harper met him on the ramp as he had on Sunday, but this is one Big Dog that learns from old tricks. Avoiding Harper, Roman slid into the ring and went after Rowan. He was briefly successful at clearing it, but it wasn’t to last; Rowan learns from his opponents, too. Joining forces with Harper, they relentlessly attacked Roman to the point where he could no longer fight back, and then began destroying the ringside area. Security was sent out and quickly dealt with; even Tom Phillips, usually safe by dint of being commentary, was struck down. Rowan and Harper were out of control, and there’s seemingly nothing anyone can do about it. Unless... Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan join forces? And if that match is contained inside Hell in a Cell? Or will that only lead to everything crashing down?

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