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Castles Crumble, Kingdoms Fall

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Friday’s match began even before the bell, and that would set the tone for the rest of the night. A tables match means no pinfalls, no countouts, no submissions, no disqualifications. It’s that last one that Robert Roode was taking advantage of, attacking Roman Reigns from behind—a true devotee of King Corbin. No great surprise, because that sort of thing has been the hallmark of Corbin’s reign. In some ways, it’s fitting that Roode was fighting for the right to choose the stipulation of the Corbin/Reigns match at the Royal Rumble, because it’s hard to imagine Corbin fighting for it, himself!


Of course, the cowardly king had no intentions of leaving the match to chance. Taking advantage of that same no disqualifications clause, he and Ziggler went after Roman the second it looked as though Roman was gaining the upper hand. Maybe they should have paid more attention to The Bloodline conferring backstage, earlier in the evening. When Roman asked them if they were ready, it’s easy to assume that they were only talking about their upcoming match with The Revival. Chances are good that they had plans for Roman’s match, as well. They may have only been back a few weeks, but they’ve seen how Corbin and his lackeys operate. When Corbin and Ziggler made their move, The Usos were in fact ‘ready’.

With the victory at last secured, Roman announced his choice of stipulation. It wasn’t a “loser eats dog... ish” as the twins suggested, or a cage match as some theorised, but Roman’s idea was equally fitting: Falls Count Anywhere. Now Corbin can run away as much as he wants, and so long as the Big Dog brings him down, it’ll be a win. The Royal Rumble is considered one of WWE’s ‘big four’, and anything can happen. Could it be that King Corbin’s kingdom will fall even before Wrestlemania?

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