Long on my “to do” list, the looming threat of Chapter 11 and whatever comes next finally prompted me to do this.

Steam ID: chiisaisuzume (“This user has also played as: Little Sparowe”)

PSN ID: chiisaisuzume

* The above are my two main places to game, but I believe they also work for Origin and GoG.


Enjin Forum ID: Savannah Kelly

Discord ID: Savannah Kelly

(Surprised that it’s not chiisaisuzume again? This is because my Free Company in FFXIV asks that our Enjin and Discord names match our character names in whatever forums we’re using for the group.)


Twitter: Little_Sparowe

* Mostly retweets or article postings, generally about Japan, gaming, New Orleans (including NCIS: New Orleans).


Email: squire dot katherine at gmail dot com

* If you’re emailing me for the first time, please include something to let me know you’re from TAY.

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