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I thought I told you not to make this a habit,” Arthur Curry tells Black Manta, and it’s a sentiment the Roman Empire can easily share when it comes to King Corbin. One would have thought his inglorious defeat at the hands of The Bloodline would finally have made him stand down, but no. Enraged by the footage being shown again and again—no less than what was done to Roman over the past two months—he actually attacked a member of the production truck! This is the petty man who would rule the locker room. But when he went after an unsuspecting member of the WWE Universe, Corbin took things one step too far.


Unlike Corbin, who pretends to power, Roman keeps a watchful eye over his yard. He might not have responded to the king’s demands, but he responded to that. Funny how Corbin seemed to forget what he claimed to have wanted, the moment Roman’s music hit! Unable to flee quickly enough, Corbin suffered what he’d inflicted on others earlier in the night, right down to a proffered drink splashed over his head. By the time Roman took to the ring, he was already running for the back.

“Hey Corbin. Hey Corbin! That’s what I thought. Coward. If the coward wants t’ have one more match, he’s got it. If you wanna go one-on-one, even better! Tell your boys to stay home, because we’re gonna do it inside of a steel cage.”


I said it before: a member of the Roman Empire called it. It’s the only way to keep Corbin from running away, as he did on Friday night. In theory, it also serves to keep Ziggler and Roode out, although that remains to be seen. But Roman’s no stranger to cage matches, he knows full well what can happen inside. Here’s hoping that Roman’s past experience helps him finally unseat King Corbin from his throne.

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