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Crossing the Line

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“We’re all gonna get what we deserve, I mean look at Roman. For Roman’s part and what Roman did in The Shield, he has to answer to the man upstairs.”


Last night was the closest I’ve ever come to turning off Raw, and I think if I hadn’t had a live thread to run, I would have done so. If anything affirmed that I’m sticking with it for the community I’ve become a part of, that was pretty much it.

I never should’ve let Chronicle give me hope. If that was the story they really wanted to tell, they never would’ve had Dean cut the promo that he did, last week. Funny—not really—how looking back on that now absolutely pales in comparison to the garbage they had him spew last night. I get it: we’re supposed to be angry at Dean because he’s the heel (and Chronicle worked actively against that). We’re also most likely meant to be curious about the things that he was saying about The Shield, in order to further the story. But what they had him say—because really, my anger should be directed at Creative, Dean’s just playing a role—was absolutely repugnant to me. Someone tried to justify it that Dean is only talking about Roman needing forgiveness, but when Seth doubled-down, saying that Dean could say whatever he wanted about him, but that saying Roman deserved this was too far, it left no question as to the interpretation.


There’s been a lot of debate as to whether Roman knew about the angle, or even that line in specific. Lots of people saying that surely he must have signed off on it. But did he? The angle, maybe. He’s grown up in the business, he knows how it works, and I could see him agreeing to something that might help Dean in the long run. He is known to be a company guy, but has put his foot down before; he never let them use his daughter JoJo to the extent that they wanted to. On the other hand, last night’s episode felt so chaotic and thrown together, I don’t know how much of it was pre-planned. And honestly, even if he okayed it, it doesn’t change how tasteless it was. What about every Make-A-Wish kid, every kid in the hospital that has cancer that they’ve visited, hearing a WWE Superstar say that someone can deserve cancer? Doesn’t matter that it comes from the heel (how much good will that even do once he inevitably gets cheered); the idea that a kid in a vulnerable mental state might end up wondering how they deserved this to happen just goes against the idea of everything Roman stands for.

I get what they’re trying to do, but as I futilely tweeted at the official WWE Twitter account last night: there’s a line, and they just crossed it.

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