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“It’s all about family for Roman Reigns and his cousins The Usos.” — Michael Cole


Read that quote again: it’s all about family. Roman himself acknowledged this when he came out on Friday night before the main event. “And throughout my career, I’ve always had backup, always had backup. But this time... I didn’t need the help of friends. This time, I needed the help of my family. Last week my family came back and helped me out in a major way and that’s why I say this firmly: 2020 is my year. I’m goin’ on to win the Royal Rumble, and then I’m gonna go and I’m gonna main event WrestleMania for the fifth time! Yessir! And I’m gonna do that with the ones by my side that have been there since day one. And that’s Jimmy and Jey, The Usos.”

King Corbin probably thinks that he won, given the way SmackDown ended. He couldn’t be more wrong. Roman called it out earlier in the night, reminding the WWE Universe that he’s been jumped and beaten down by Corbin and his court before. The King of the Ring is afraid to face The Big Dog on his own, and Friday night proved no different when Corbin and Ziggler faced The Usos. Do you really think The Revival ran in of their own accord? Even Michael Cole questioned what Corbin was paying them! Given the opportunity to attach themselves to someone in power, they’ll take it. (See also: Shane McMahon.) Corbin says Roman is scared? Then why was he the one that brought in a returning Robert Roode?


It’s true that in the end, the odds proved to be too much for The Bloodline—but only because Corbin cheated almost every step of the way. So brash and cocksure were he and his lackeys that they missed the one fatal error they made, when they dragged Roman over to where they had downed the twins.

“You see this? Look at your family! This is you.”

They’re more right than they know, and apparently haven’t learned anything. The king and his court may have had their petty revenge, but in so doing, they’ve given Roman a whole new reason to fight.

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