I all but missed E3 this year—would find myself scrolling Kotaku at the end of the day, just trying to keep up on announcements. Generally, it’d be 10/11 at night, and I’d still be on things from this afternoon. Needless to say, this meant no interaction in the comments, when I could spare the time to read them. And no TAY at all, really. T_T No, work hasn’t slowed down, why do you ask? @_@ Just found out that they’re expecting me to do an extremely long-term coverage, because they haven’t yet tried to replace someone they’ve known was going to retire since April? (They wanted me to take the post outright, but it’s transitioning up to 40 hours, and I need 32.) I miss ya’ll so much!

Anyway, moving this over from the other post, although same issues. And “storm”, indeed. Quick recap: in FFXIV, I was to marry one of my IRL friends—who, along with my closest in-game friend, wanted to change servers and companies. Well, only one of these things came to pass... and it wasn’t the wedding. Spoiler alert: this gets very ugly before the end, and contributes to my overall stress, this week. Also, it gets REALLY long. I haven’t been able to tell anyone before now, so.... I’ll try to include a TL;DR at the end.


V. was the first to leave; already feeling ignored, she basically logged on to say “bye” and not much else. Founder H. grabbed me as soon as I logged in, asking if I’d talked to her, if I knew what was going on. I told him that I did, and that A. and I were thinking about following her. He was really cool and supportive about it, and said we could keep in touch via PSN. I was unable to catch any of the other Founders—including K., my former Bondmate.

While at work on Wednesday, I got a long letter from K. He wanted to know why, he asked how I could abandon the company, pointed out how far I’d come, that they needed me... basically, he knows me well enough to hit every button that I have, and he did. I asked A. if he thought K. was being genuine, or trying to manipulate me—which he’s proven good at in the past, I’m ashamed to say. A. said he thought it was genuine, but that they were unfair tactics to use.


That night, A. and I log in before the ceremony. A. found that he had already been kicked from the company, so he went to the house to say goodbye to people in person, then joined me at the chapel. The Founders were there on the steps waiting for us, and a few of the other key members. K. immediately went on the attack, literally cussing out A. and just being horrible. This was all done in Say, which is local—in FC chat, he was talking and acting like everything was normal. The others did nothing, just watched.

Then the wedding glitched. Now, I see this as a good thing, but it was nothing like at the time, just one more disaster. We had 20 minutes to activate the ceremony; I could get in, A. couldn’t, and meanwhile all of our guests were instanced and inside—the only good thing about it was that K. couldn’t keep verbally abusing A. I was getting my share of it in Founders’ chat though, being told that I owed K. and everyone else an answer. And still, no one would say anything. Finally, the twenty minutes passed and we were told we needed to reschedule. Everyone left... A. and I turned in the bracelets required to do the quest, which was the only way to abandon. (If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t be able to server transfer with it pending.) He was already out of the company, and had never had a room, so he was done. I had to go back to the house, vacate the premises, leave the company, and log out. ...I literally skipped the option to teleport in, because it would put me at the doorstep. Instead I went in through the subdivision, using a back route no one else did. I could see them all gathered at the local marketboard, near the aetheryte that most of us used if we didn’t go direct. Ridiculously glad I didn’t come in that way. I hopped over the back wall of the house and stood behind it, vacated chambers, left the company, and logged out. I know it has to sound silly and childish in retrospect, but I was literally shaking by this point, and at times in tears because of how K. was talking to me. I’d originally told them that I would bring my alt over to play, but I’m not going to, not now.


We managed the server transfer easily enough, and spent a few minutes getting set up. Found the Company we wanted to join, applied, and within minutes the leaders invited us to a party to chat. V. turned up and was invited in, since she was a recent transfer and they knew she knew us. It was all very cordial and pleasant. Upon being accepted to the Company, people literally came to the house to meet us. I have never felt so welcome. And you know, now that I’m away from the other Company, I realise that I should’ve left long ago, when I start realising things like: I can go work on Botany all night if I want to! No one’s going to hassle me for spending time Chocobo Racing! I can watch NCIS:New Orleans on Saturday nights with Mum, on the weeks it comes on! I can skip a night entirely if I want to! All those microaggressions that I’d never even noticed, because I was trying to keep people happy. And now... I’m happy. I’m even happy that the wedding didn’t go as planned, because now I can celebrate with friends. ^_^

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