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Presence Felt by All

The Big Dog ready for a fight
The Big Dog ready for a fight

I saw a comment this weekend that said on Friday night, Roman Reigns interfered with King Corbin for The Miz and Daniel Bryan. Now it’s true that Roman has teamed with both of these men, but is that really what happened? I’m not so sure.


Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible that Roman stepped in to help on Friday night. He did wait until Ziggler interfered after all, and what he did could be seen as evening the odds. But unlike when he was attacked by a band of Corbin’s lackeys (lackeys who dropped Corbin’s palanquin and ran upon hearing Roman’s entrance music!), Miz and Bryan weren’t faced with overwhelming odds, they didn’t particularly need the help. For Roman, it was essentially an attack of opportunity. He wasn’t interested in helping the other two win; he was making sure that Corbin lost. Was it revenge? Maybe, but Roman tends to have a bit more nuance about him than that.

The long-view is this: The Fiend is a threat with or without the Universal Title. If he wins at the Royal Rumble, so be it, that’s a fight for another day. But if Corbin were to win it, his already insufferable reign would likely become maniacal. Far better that The Miz or Daniel Bryan get the opportunity, which means Corbin needed to be kept out of the picture. Roman Reigns was in a position to do that, and he saw it done for both himself and the SmackDown locker room.

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