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“They don’t need a hero, they need a ruler—and I will rule with an iron fist.” — Baron Corbin


Two weeks ago, “King” Corbin revealed what kind of king he would be. It’s not something most people would readily accept. Of course, that left him with no other alternative than to tear down the current locker room leader, Roman Reigns. Corbin accused him of not accomplishing anything of late (like leading Team Hogan to victory at Crown Jewel?), and of not having his priorities straight (while out doing charity work). He claimed that Roman is half a step off, and proceeded to mock him, saying that he’s losing the locker room. Bold words when the man wasn’t there to defend himself!

But if Corbin is right, why did Shorty G immediately catch Roman up upon his arrival? After all, he could have let him walk into the situation blind. He and Ali have both repeatedly shown themselves loyal to the Big Dog, in the ring and out. It may not be The Shield, but once again Roman finds himself in the company of two people who are willing to have his back.


Two people. Three all together. Given Friday night’s outcome, that’s significant. Corbin isn’t accustomed to working alone; when he tried as the Constable of Raw, things went from bad to worse. So why not find enforcers of his own? Every king must have his court, after all. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are perfect for this. Short-sighted and self-centred, always claiming to deserve more, they seem very likely to take whatever means to those ends that they can get. If it means joining a tyrannical king to take down a benevolent leader, so be it. As I’ve said before, Roman’s no longer able to face numbers stacked against him. Will he rely on the help of Shorty G and Ali? Or will he sacrifice himself in an attempt to keep his boys safe?

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