Silent One

“He was the guy who you had to worry about because he was always the silent one.” — Matt Anoa’i

Maybe it’s that deceptively quiet nature that causes people to underestimate Roman Reigns. He’s a locker room leader who looks out for his people. He frequently says that he wants to leave the place better than he found it, and everything he does is to that end. He extends respect, and expects it in kind.

Clearly, Buddy Murphy doesn’t understand that. Maybe he thought he’d get away with it. Whatever the case, he was caught on film at the site of the first incident, and when Roman confronted him about the fact—plainly stating that he either thought he did it, or knew who did—he denied everything. Unfortunately for him, Roman didn’t believe him, and the situation very quickly escalated. Some claim that this makes Roman the bad guy, but he’s had two attempts on his life in as many weeks. As he pointed out, this not only affects his ability to work, it’s starting to affect his family. That’s always been the line for Roman, and essentially, Murphy just crossed it.


But how does this end? Buddy claims it was Rowan. Is he telling the truth? Certainly, Rowan wasn’t denying it, nor Daniel Bryan. Was he working on Bryan’s behalf, or on his own initiative? Does this have anything to do with the “career-changing announcement” that Daniel Bryan kept trying and failing to make? The next show is SummerSlam. Does this mean Roman’s going to attempt to settle this honourably in the ring, or is this just the beginning?

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