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The Bloodline: Not Alone Anymore

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For weeks, the Roman Empire has had to listen to Corey Graves gloat that King Corbin must be the true locker room leader, as the Big Dog has suffered attack after attack without anyone coming to his aide. Somehow, Graves never seems to notice that Corbin is not attracting any new followers, and the few that he has are becoming increasingly wary of Roman. Only Dolph Ziggler stands steadfast at Corbin’s side, and it’s likely that has everything to do with perception of power, rather than anything resembling true loyalty.


Loyalty. That’s something Roman Reigns values and exemplifies. He’s a man of his word, and he’s been telling us that for years. “It doesn’t matter how many people show up, how big the town is. I’ll be there, because I said I’ll be there.” The same is true for his boys in the locker room. If he says he’ll be in their corner, he will be in their corner. He doesn’t count the cost, nor risk to himself. That was especially true in The Shield, who he considered brothers, family. But The Shield is gone.

“The road is tough. The road is tough out here, and when you’re so used to having a certain security blanket, you know, having your family on the road—it can be tricky when you don’t have them. I mean, with the split, with you guys going away, with Truth being on the other side, I felt like I’ve been alone.”


Roman was alone when an attack by Dolph Ziggler sent him out of the ring. Alone when King Corbin took advantage of his disorientation as he attempted to check on Daniel Bryan, who’d been attacked by The Fiend. Alone when Corbin and Ziggler forced him into the ring and once again tried to chain him up. The fight was almost gone from him, then: beaten down and overwhelmed, he still made one last desperate struggle when he felt the cold steel close on his wrist. Alone, it wasn’t enough.

But Roman Reigns isn’t alone anymore.


Their music not heard in months; the opening cry, the Samoan word for “brothers”, was a call to battle. Jimmy and Jey raced to defend their fallen cousin. Corbin and Ziggler fell back beneath the combined assault, and the twins set about freeing Roman. The match may have had no official conclusion, but at the end of the night The Bloodline stood tall.

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