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There's No Room for You Here

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December 6, 2019: King Corbin sent his lackeys to attack Roman Reigns, handcuffed him to a ring post, and covered him in dog food. For weeks, commentary reminded us of the incident, more often than not with video, as Corbin bragged that he had humiliated the Big Dog. He clearly wasn’t paying much attention as little as one week later when Roman spoke on the incident:

“—if you get knocked down, you don’t have to stay there. You don’t have to keep that egg on your face, you don’t have to stay embarrassed; you can pick yourself up and you can correct any situation.”


In retrospect, Roman’s approach is admirable. He could have blustered and made excuses, but that’s not his style. Instead, he acknowledged what had happened and how it made him feel—then he moved on. That’s something Corbin hasn’t done, and finally on Friday night, Roman called him out:

“The funny thing is, you’re still livin’ in the past, as if that was the greatest moment of your career. It’s either that, or.... you’ve got some kinda weird dog food fetish, ya sick little freak.”


Turnabout is fair play. Roman’s gone about it other ways, but Corbin just won’t back down. He demanded the match on Friday night? Fine, The Bloodline had demands of their own: a loser eats dog food match. Interestingly enough, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode tried to talk Corbin out of accepting. Is their confidence in the king flagging? As a generous helping of dog food was wheeled out, Corbin could be heard yelling at Roode. “What? We’re fine! You think I’m scared? We can beat them!”

Spoiler alert! He was wrong. While The Usos buried Ziggler and Roode under the announce table to stop their constant interference, Roman got the pin on Corbin. When he tried to flee, the twins took care of that, too, handcuffing him just as he’d done to their cousin. It was time for Corbin to get a taste of his own medicine. Not literally, I should note. Despite the stipulation, they didn’t actually make Corbin eat dog food. Nor did they beat Corbin as badly, despite Corey Graves complaining about the three-on-one odds. As Cole said, “Take your medicine, King!”


Closing out the night, the boys were even thoughtful enough to pose with Corbin—royalty needs their commemorative photographs, after all.

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