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Whatever Daniel Bryan may think of Roman Reigns, the man is sincere when he says that he’ll defend his yard. Regardless of their shared history, Bryan is a part of the locker room Roman leads, and he looks after his own—not that Bryan appreciated it. He ignored Roman’s concern, barely tolerated being checked over, and slapped away the proffered hand to his feet.

Roman’s reaction to all of this was interesting. Just a long, cool stare, saying nothing. Resentment seems too petty for a man like him, and given his nature, it’s possible that he was feeling something closer to pity. He knows what it’s liked to be knocked down, to have to hold onto pride when there is nothing else left. I very much doubt that he expected Bryan to ask the crowd if they wanted to see of them team up to face Rowan and Harper! The resulting YES was emphatic, and the match has been scheduled for Hell in a Cell, though not inside the Cell itself. That may be for the best if, as many fear, Bryan’s intentions are not sincere. As we’ve seen in the past, three-on-one are not good odds for the Big Dog.

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