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Infuriated by Roman Reigns’ win on Sunday night at Stomping Grounds, Shane McMahon arranged for a 2-on-1 handicap match between himself, Drew McIntyre, and Roman. To further stack the odds, this wouldn’t be a traditional 2-on-1 with the partners tagging in and out; Roman would have to face both McMahon and McIntyre at the same time. He started off strong, but after a gruelling battle the night before, it just couldn’t last. Thoroughly beaten down, McIntyre stretched Roman back across the ropes, leaving him unable to defend himself from McMahon’s impending Coast-to-Coast.


And then the lights went out, and the bell tolled.

Some ask why The Undertaker would appear to help Roman Reigns, of all people—the man who defeated him at WrestleMania 33? I believe it’s important to remember here that when the pair first started feuding back in 2017, it was over ownership of the yard. When Roman beat The Undertaker—regardless of whether or not he ultimately retired that night—he earned the right to call it his yard. On Sunday night, whilst threatening Roman, Shane said the yard was his. Did that wake the Dead Man? For right now, there’s no answer to that question. What we do know is that Roman and ‘Taker will be teaming against McMahon and McIntyre at Extreme Rules next month. Maybe then the question will be answered once and for all.

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