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Wreck Everyone & Leave

What it was all for....
What it was all for....

At SummerSlam, they told us that we would never see it coming—and they were right. But Roman Reigns wasn’t done shocking the WWE Universe. Less than a week later he did it again, having formed an alliance with Paul Heyman. (There is, it should be noted, precedent for this. Paul Heyman has a storied history with Roman’s family, and however his appeal turned out two years ago, the things he said he learned from Sika and Afa were almost certainly true.)


Speculation on Roman’s motivation has run rampant, but with neither he or his apparent advocate commenting on it, no one really knows the whole story. We do know this: Roman promised that he would “Wreck Everyone & Leave”’; he promised that he would take back the title that he never lost, the Universal Championship. As of now, he has done both of those things.

Were his methods unorthodox? Certainly. Consider, however, that he was entering a match with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, and Braun Strowman, who literally styles himself as a “Monster’. He’s faced them in the past, before they became... whatever it is they are now, and they were able to push him. Nothing would be served by giving them any advantage. Was it Heyman’s advice to hold off on signing the contract until the last possible moment? It seems likely. Heyman has a keen mind for the business that Roman was literally raised in. Between the two of them, every angle can be covered. Couple that with Roman’s willingness to do whatever it takes, and this could be the beginning of a very dangerous reign.

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