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It’s said that disasters have a way of bringing people together. This is generally meant on the scale of a natural disaster; a flood, or a hurricane. Last night proved that this can also happen on a much smaller scale. Samoa Joe might have started the night demanding an apology from Roman Reigns, but when he saw his rival nearly run down in front of him, things changed very quickly. I think most people who know their history expected something entirely different when Joe rushed to Roman’s car after the impact and forced the door open; you can hear a referee cry out his name in protest, so he was clearly thinking the same. But instead, Joe showed concern.


”You all right? Stay down, stay down.” (—to one of the bystanders, “Hey, get a medic.”) “Hey, hey, stay down. Hey, stay down, don’t move.” (—to bystanders. “Get a medic out here! Get some help, come on!”) “Stay down.” (—to bystanders, “Where’s security at?”) “You know what, stay right there. Stay down, don’t move.”

Later, Joe clarified that while he’s known to bend the rules, something like that should be handled differently. “I hope somebody finds who’s doing what they’re doing before I find them.” Maybe it’s simply a matter of exonerating himself; Joe did clarify that he was the first there to pull Roman out of the wreckage. Or maybe, despite the fact that they’re not family, what’s between Roman and Joe is island business. Outside of that, you come for one Samoan, you come for them all.

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