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You Reap What You Sow

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“Look at Roman’s eyes. There’s some lines you just don’t cross when it comes to Roman Reigns: you don’t mention the man’s family.”


Roman Reigns has had enough. We saw a glimpse of this last week at Survivor Series, when King Corbin couldn’t put his personal issues aside and jeopardised SmackDown’s win. Roman set him up for elimination and took the burden of securing that win upon himself. But he didn’t start Friday night looking for accolades; instead, he chose to be thankful.

“To me, Thanksgiving means three things. It means family, it means good health, and happiness. And I gotta be honest, this time last year, I only had one of those things, and that was family.”


Moving on from that, he extended thanks also to his team at Survivor Series, calling out each member by name. King Corbin got a different sort of recognition, however, and from him, Roman actually wanted an apology. Needless to say, that wasn’t forthcoming. Corbin did come out, but only to insult Roman further. He even acknowledged that he knew Roman would challenge him to a match. Rather than take the opportunity to come down and “get the job done” as invited, Corbin instead to chose to insult Roman’s family.

Ultimately, Robert Roode, the man Corbin chose to fight in his place, would do the same. In the final moments of the match, Corbin attempted to pass Roode his sceptre to use as a weapon. His attempt was unsuccessful,and Roman speared him to the match for the win. Robert Roode, just like his king, could not get the job done. When the opportunity came after the match to try and hurt Roman badly, he took it.


“Time to go home for the holidays, Roman. Say ‘hello’ to your kids.”

Clearly, the king hasn’t bothered to inform his lackeys of the kind of man they’re dealing with. Never has Roman allowed anyone to talk about his family: not Bray Wyatt, not Drew McIntyre, not The Revival, and certainly not King Corbin or Robert Roode.


It was only after Roman rallied that he realised what Roode had been about to do to him. “You want me to go home? You want me gone? I got somethin’ for ya.” First putting Roode through the barricade, he proceeded to bury him at ringside. His fate was ultimately to be what Corbin had promised Roman.

Roman’s eyes, though were on Corbin. “C’mon. C’mon.” Corbin, unsurprisingly, did not accept the invitation.

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